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Government $$ For Home Improvements?

July 17, 2012 at 12:55 pm | Category: Additions

Are you planning to renovate your Denver home after years, or even decades, of not having it fixed despite its deteriorating condition? If you are, then you should know that there is a way to offset the costs, and that is through grants for home improvements.

Home Improvements can mean anything from painting the walls, doors, and ceilings; fixing up certain parts of the house; renovating the bathroom, or re-tiling the kitchen floor.

At this time of economic difficulties, although repair or improvement is expensive, it can help make the house more livable as it should be. In addition, it increases the value of the property when placed on sale after a major makeover.

Grant funding can be available from the federal, state, or local Denver governments, and several other potential sources. They can be obtained by anyone who can meet the qualifications and requirements set by the grantor.

This type of funding depends on the personal income as well as the type, location, and age of your Denver property. Most of all, it does not have to be repaid, unlike loans. Isn’t that a great deal?

Types of financing
The United States government at various levels is giving away grants for home improvement. This can be used for purposes such as remodeling or expansion of the space, interior and exterior repairs, emergency construction, and installation of energy-efficient heating or cooling systems.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development offers repair funding assistance for single family through the so-called Section 203(k) program. Aside from fixing certain areas of the property, renovations under this program also include painting and room additions.

Other programs offered by this agency, on the other hand, are the Title 1 Program, which provides loans for moderate rehabilitation; and the Rural Development Housing & Community Facilities Programs, which are available for those residing in the rural areas.

If you, the grant seeker, belong to low income families or households, you can look for local, state, or federal grants that are offered and available to finance projects focusing on security and safety needs.

If you own Denver property with historical significance, you can conduct a research about its glorious past. Through old photographs of the place, you can be able to develop a restoration plan to bring the house back to its original look.

If your house is situated in an area declared by authorities as under a state of emergency or natural disaster, you may qualify for repair financial assistance provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA.

To obtain funding, a grant seeker must formalize his or her application. This means he or she must provide the necessary information and submit the necessary requirements provided by the grant-giving body.

More information about grants for home improvement can be obtained by making a quick search online. There are many resources on the Internet that you can get. If you have questions or inquiries, you can contact a particular funding agency through its telephone numbers or e-mail address.

Your Denver remodeling contractor will also be aware of various types of aid available and can help you complete the paperwork necessary to apply.


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