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New Games On Your Holiday Wish List? Add a Game Room To Your Denver Home

December 6, 2011 at 1:53 pm | Category: Additions

For a lot of people, their Denver basement is a plain storage room that has no other function. We don’t realize how much we can do with it. To remodel a basement is not as difficult as you may think.  Like many other things, planning is the key to a successful project. If you do not have any detailed plan, it’s like sailing with no direction. A basement will make a good game room because of the fact that the basement is perceived as a separate part of the house. And you know very well that we all get excited and we tend to scream when the game is heating up. Make sure you install acoustic ceilings to help prevent sound from bouncing. Ask your Denver remodeling contractor how you can make the basement sound-proof.

To remodel a basement into a game room you need a couple of things depending on the activities that you and your family enjoy. A pool table is a very common addition to the game room and so is a ping pong table. You can also set up a poker table so you can have your friends come over every Friday for your poker nights. If you can include a bar in your budget then go ahead and do so. If you want to save money on setting up a bar, you can just buy a pre-owned kitchen island unit with storage and retint or repaint it to give it a fresh new look. For your chairs, you can look at your Denver home improvement stores. Prices start at $30 but some can be very expensive and they can cost up to $300 each. With this, you have to be a wise buyer. Looking around will not hurt.

Aside from pool table, ping pong table and poker table, you can also add gaming consoles in your Denver game room and set up your entertainment center. Don’t forget your surround sound system with your LCD TV. Be creative with your overall theme to make the room more inviting and of course fun. If you would like to use wallpapers, that’s fine as long as you match it with your Denver basement’s theme. When you remodel your basement into a game room, a nice idea would be to put posters, tin signs and neon signs to your walls to complete the look. Dart boards, family board games and pinball games are also great additions.

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