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Room-by-Room Carpet Considerations

February 22, 2012 at 12:46 pm | Category: Interior Design

Carpet is an excellent flooring choice for many people because it’s comfortable and affordable. In order to determine whether or not carpeting is right for your Denver home, consider two factors: foot traffic and sunlight.

Foot Traffic

Walking from your living room to your upstairs bedroom contributes to the wear and tear on your carpet with each and every step. In order to determine what carpet to select, it’s important to consider how much traffic each area of your Denver home receives.

Recommendation: Choose a dense carpet construction with a low pile height. This carpet won’t easily fray or show wear and will have the most durability for heavy household traffic. Consider carpet styles with loop construction as the ends of the yarn are not exposed, and traffic wears on the tougher edges of the yarn instead of the tips.


Just like sunlight will burn or tan skin, most carpet fibers and dyes are also susceptible to sunlight. Overexposure to sunlight can fade carpet over time. When planning your carpet project, take sun exposure into consideration. While it would seem only darker carpets may be susceptible to fading, lighter colors can actually fade more rapidly than darker carpeting because less dye has gone into the color.

Recommendation: Consider purchasing window coverings or a coating treatment for the windows to block out the sun’s UV rays.


Room–by–Room Practicality

While carpeting is a personal choice in every Denver home, consider a few recommendations for installing different carpet styles in specific rooms when undertaking your remodeling project. Your Denver remodeling contractor is also very familiar with which areas of most homes receive the most wear and tear and can advise you accordingly.


General Rooms

Living Room/ Family Room/ Dining room

The living room or family room is often the central gathering place of your Denver home, so be sure to choose a carpet that can stand up to a lot of wear and tear. Stain resistance is also important, since people may eat and drink in these rooms. For dining rooms, stain resistance is very important.

Recommendation: A loop style carpet with dense construction will hold up to traffic, and a stain resistant fiber type can provide added protection against spills and stains. In the dining room, add an area rug or large plastic mat under the dining table for the likelihood of more frequent spills.

Bedroom/ Office/ Den

Carpet is ideal for bedrooms. You may choose more a comfortable plush carpet for the bedrooms in your Denver home if there is less possibility of excessive wear and tear.

Recommendation: In bedrooms that don’t have a lot of foot traffic, a plush carpet style is ideal for extra comfort and luxury on bare feet. In spare bedrooms that see little use, maybe consider installing less expensive, lower–density carpets.

Stairs and Hallways

Carpets in these high–traffic spaces must be able to handle a lot of wear and tear, and high durability is vital to maintaining a clean appearance.

Recommendation: Carpeting with tight construction or loops works especially well for these spaces. Denser carpets will absorb noise, and sheared carpets will be less likely to show wear and tear from high traffic. Also, consider using hallway rugs to lessen the affects of frequent foot traffic.


Wet Area Rooms

Bathroom/ Kitchen/ Outdoor

Carpeting is not generally recommended for kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas prone to spills or excess water. For outdoor entertaining spaces, carpet made up of moisture/ mildew–resistant fiber (like polypropylene) can be used.


Lifestyle Elements

Once you’ve assessed the foot traffic in your Denver home, consider the additional needs of any pets, young children and individuals using mobility aids in selecting the ideal carpet for your lifestyle.


Contrary to popular belief, carpet can actually be a good choice for those with allergies and asthma. When dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens settle in carpet fibers, they are likely to stay put until they are vacuumed up. As long as you vacuum your carpets thoroughly with a HEPA filter vacuum, you can remove the majority of these allergens before they circulate in the air and into your lungs. With hard surface flooring, these allergens are much easier to stir into the air and can cause symptoms to worsen.

Recommendation: For allergy friendly carpet, choose carpet that is certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Green Label Plus to promote a healthy Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and carpet that is mold and mildew resistant.


Pets can generate traffic in your Denver home just like people. They can add to natural wear and tear just living in the home. Sharp claws and dirty paws can create additional damage, and any accidents in the home may lead to serious stains and odors.

Recommendation: Your pet’s nails should be trimmed regularly, and accidents need to be treated immediately. Also consider placing rugs in high–traffic pet areas and using protective mats under food and water dishes or choosing dishes with a wide base to prevent spilling. It is best to avoid loop constructed carpets when you have pets. Their nails can snag on the loops and pull carpet fibers out which causes fraying.


Carpet can be an ideal choice for Denver homes with children because of the cushioning, durability, and natural noise insulation it has over hard floor surfaces. Keep in mind that children are more likely to cause stains and contribute to daily wear and tear.

Recommendation: When buying carpet for a home with children, focus on stain–resistant, dense carpets that won’t show footprints or markings as easily. Area rugs throughout your home can provide added protection.

Special Mobility Needs

For people in your home who may require the use of a mobility aid, it is important to consider the firmness factors of the carpet padding, as well as pile height.

Recommendation: Look for carpeting with a lower pile height and firmer cushion; these considerations can provide additional stability for the use of walkers, canes, crutches, etc. Lower pile carpeting is also easier for wheelchair mobility.

All of these factors should have an impact on your flooring choices.  Discuss your individual flooring needs with your Denver remodeling contractor.

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