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Shed New Light on Your Denver Kitchen

November 22, 2011 at 12:09 pm | Category: Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen lighting design doesn’t need to be complex to look good and be functional. But it should be layered with various sources from a few different light fixtures to be the most useful in the kitchen while maintaining the design elements of your renovation project. Use these simple options for your kitchen and you’ll be sure to get the most effective design for your kitchen remodel. Together you and your Denver kitchen remodeling contractor will be able to implement the most functional and attractive lighting system for your kitchen.

Doing the job

Most kitchen lighting helps you to perform a specific task-hence the name task lighting. But if task lighting in the kitchen is misplaced, it can be a hindrance to your work space by casting shadows over your area. A great solution to getting all of the lights you need without causing shadows is to install under cabinet lights. These work great underneath cabinets where many kitchen workspaces reside. Once installed by your Denver remodeling contractor, these out-of-the-way options can be controlled by a dimmer switch to create the best task lighting exactly where you need it most or turn them down at night to create the ultimate nightlight.

But task lighting certainly doesn’t stop there. The trifecta of kitchen design is the triangle of work: Refrigerator, stove/oven and sink. These three areas should be linked together not only being within close proximity of each other but also by being lit using the same lighting solutions as well. A good example of this is monorail lighting. Similar to track system, these aim anywhere light cannot go and are not only functional in multiple places. They are good looking enough to be part of your Denver kitchen décor.

Let there be light

Another important source of kitchen lighting is the ambient light. These simple options are sources of glowing light that helps to prevent task lighting from creating shadows and also casts a warm and natural glow that denotes a clean kitchen. Ambient light sources, like fluorescents, work well enough, but too many can give your new kitchen a subterranean feel. Smaller bulb fluorescents or LED’s like those installed in hanging pendant lights give a warm ambient glow without creating a blinding effect that can make a room feel unbearable. Tone them down even further by controlling them with a dimmer switch.

Many kitchen designers are opting out for a unique ambient light source built right into the kitchen itself. By installing cove lighting/display lighting into a tray ceiling, ambient light is functional and aesthetic at the same time. By layering these task and ambient light sources together, your Denver kitchen design will be bright and functional and look good doing it.

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