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How to add a bedroom

June 11, 2010 at 1:59 pm | Category: Remodeling Contractor

Step 1
Carve out a space for a new bedroom from empty space in your basement or attic. You can add a small guest bedroom in unused areas to cut down on the expense of a new addition to your house.
Step 2
Expand your home and utilize empty yard space by adding a bedroom in your backyard. You can mark out the corners of a potential bedroom with spray paint and string. Allow a contractor to investigate the type of room that can be created within these limits.
Step 3
Interview general contractors to find the right person to build your new bedroom. You need to enter the interview process with a maximum budget level and a rough sketch to help contractors develop an accurate quote.

Step 4
Insert soundproofing material within the walls of a new bedroom to provide maximum comfort for your friends and family. You can keep sound from other parts of your home out of an added bedroom with a thin layer of special foam in each wall. Step 5
Look at the weather insulation used in the rest of your house to find the right match for an additional bedroom. You should search for the same insulation level for a new room to avoid cold temperatures and excessive condensation.
Step 6
Build an entertainment center and clothing storage into the walls of your new bedroom to create additional space. You can place a small closet with an organizing system as well as storage nooks into the walls to prevent clutter.
Step 7
Coordinate the purchase of carpet, drapes and paint along the same color scheme to demonstrate your impeccable taste. These three elements of room design are added at different points but should potentially come from the same manufacturer to ensure that colors match.
Step 8
Install wall lighting that fits the needs of the main occupant of the bedroom. You can use classic hanging lights, sconces or other small touches to light up the room in a stylish way.

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