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How to add a family room

June 1, 2010 at 3:57 pm | Category: Remodeling Contractor

Step 1
Decide whether to remodel existing space or add on. Generally, the cost of adding square footage to build a family room will not be recouped when you sell your home. Consider remodeling unfinished space in your home, like a basement or attic, rather than building new space.
Step 2
Figure out how to finance the project. A home equity loan is a good choice if mortgage rates are higher than the existing mortgage. If they are lower, refinancing the mortgage including the construction costs is probably a better choice.
Step 3
Think about how you are going to use the room over the near future. Consider the needs of your family and the age demographics. Determine whether you want to include areas for computers and hobbies in the room. Think about your entertainment needs.
Step 4
Plan for the space. Draw out the room on graph paper. Make cut outs of the furnishings you want to include in the room. Arrange them in the space to get a feeling for how everything will fit. Keep from over-furnishing the space.
Step 5
Design the space so that it fits the scale of your house. Consider the exterior appearance of the addition. It should blend in with the existing home.
Step 6
Check with your municipality to find out what permits you need. Find out if there are restrictions on how much space you can add. Your zoning laws may require a certain distance between your home and property lines, which could limit the size or location of an addition.
Step 7
Get recommendations from family and friends for contractors and other tradesman. You may need a carpenter to install built-ins, flooring experts and painters. Check references and get a look at the work they have done.

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