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Budgeting tips

November 9, 2009 at 2:38 pm | Category: Remodeling Contractor

•Do you think you have enough money to do the job?

If not, can you take out a loan? If you are making improvements to the house, get a valuer to value your property along with the alterations that you are going to make, send it off to the bank and as you will be adding more value to the property, they generally allow you to borrow more money (assuming you can still comfortably repay the debt).

•Can you do all of the work yourself or a experts required?

It is often more cost effective in time, materials and tempers to hire an expert in specialised areas. Sanding back a floor using hired equipment can take hours and hours and is extremely messy – call in the professionals who have commercial equipment and it can be a lot quicker, cheaper and easier on everyones nerves.

•Have you looked into the market prices for the things you want to do? Is your budget realistic?

Go window shopping! Get prices on appliances, furniture, flooring product, light fittings etc. Can you save more if you purchase it all from one place, are there other ways to buy them? Can you buy them at auction, garage sale, friends of friends etc. Think about your time too. Sometimes it is cheaper to pay someone $25 an hour to paint the walls while you work and earn $35 for example.

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