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Christies Complete Services is getting a NEW OFFICE!

September 1, 2009 at 11:03 am | Category: Remodeling Contractor

Thats right… Finally after 9 years of working from home, we are finally getting a new office. Thanks to our technical guys, LSI Computer Services. They are renting out two offices to us for a very resonable price. and as soon as we put new carpet in it, we will be moving in. It already has some pretty nice furniture in it, so we dont have to move everything from the home office to the Dacono office.
Everyone is pretty excited to move into the offices, because we feel it gives us as a company more of a professional feel. It also will help us seperat work from home. Sometimes when we are working at home, we’ll start doing house chorse and sometimes late at night we’ll get into a discussion about work, then start working for a couple of hours.
I beleive these offices will bring great opportunities to Christies Complete Services and our clients. Please stop by anytime you would like to next week to either set an appointment with us or even to just say hi. We will hopefully be moving in on monday or tuesday next week. It is located off of Highway 52 in Dacono, right next to LSI Computer Services. If you need directions or have any questions, email me at

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