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Deceiving Contractors

April 28, 2010 at 8:09 pm | Category: Remodeling Contractor

Anybody with a pickup truck and a ladder can call himself a general contractor in Colorado.
Anybody can take a stab at redoing a kitchen.
Anybody can take your life savings.
In a state that doesn’t regulate the home improvement industry, most contractors are honest, skilled businessmen. But the ones who aren’t are becoming increasingly inept at pilfering homeowner’s cash —and keeping it.
As the economy slides, industry experts are warning of an uptick in fraudulent and undependable contractors.
Here’s why: Contractors are hungry. They’re trying to find work among recession-fearing home-owners. The bad ones will offer impossibly low estimates and never finish the job.
Fueling the problem is the implosion of the new housing market. More unemployed construction workers are trying their hand at remodeling. Some lack the business skills — not to mention remodeling experience — to pull off multiple jobs simultaneously.
As Steve Christie, CR, CAPS, owner of Christies Complete Services, Inc. would put it “just because they have a hammer and saw doesn’t mean they are a contractor.”

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