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How to decorate your patio for summer

May 17, 2010 at 3:42 pm | Category: Remodeling Contractor

Decide if you want your patio to have a theme, such as Mediterranean or tropical. If so, decorate accordingly.
Step 2
Cover your patio if it is not already. Install an awning or a great patio umbrella. During those days of penetrating summer heat, you will want a shady retreat.
Step 3
Fill your patio with plants and flowers. Use various mediums: ceramic pots, tiered plant stands or hanging planters. Choose luscious green plants and vibrant flowers that are appropriate for the amount of sunlight or shade they will receive.
Step 4
Paint the concrete to create a marble or brick effect, or use stencils to create your own unique design. If painting isn’t for you, lay down a colorful, oversized outdoor rug.
Step 5
Add or replace patio furniture. Find a cute little bistro table and chairs set or a wooden glider for those lazy summer evenings. Choose pieces depending on how you intend to use your patio.
Step 6
String up Christmas lights or specialty shaped lights to add a dramatic flare to your patio space. Or suspend a few hanging lanterns from the porch overhang for an instant exotic touch.
Step 7
Accessorize your space with a serene fountain or a warm and inviting chiminea.
Step 8
Section off your patio with a trellis and plant box filled with a climbing plant. This will give you a private nook as a seating area or a place to hang a hammock.
Step 9
Get creative with your plant holders. Look for unusual items that you can use either to hold a potted plant or to actually plant something in, such as an old boot.
Step 10
Extend the life of patio furniture that you already have by painting it or adding new cushions. Give it a new look to match the theme you have chosen for your patio.

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