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How to fix a leaky roof

April 7, 2010 at 12:07 pm | Category: Remodeling Contractor

Exterior Damage
Determine where the leak is occurring. Use an extension ladder to climb onto the roof in the area where you think the leak is. With caution, take a hammer and pound lightly around the area to feel and hear for any soft spots on the roof.
Narrow down the cause of the leak. There may be many reasons a roof leaks, such as shingles not forming a proper seal, improperly installed flashing around roof lines, peaks or exhaust points, wind and/or weather damage, as well as gutter debris backing up onto the roof.
Remove the existing shingles around the area where there is damage. Using a shovel, scrape off the shingles.
Check the plywood at the point of the leak. If there is interior damage, which means the leak has soaked all the way through, replace the old plywood with new sheets.
Prevent the leak from occurring again. If the cause from Step 2 is improper flashing, install new flashing and reinforce it with ice guards near any gutters in the area.
Re-shingle the area where you’ve fixed the roof leak damage.

Interior Damage
Fix the roof leak damage at the point of origin and allow the interior damage time to dry. Use fans, if available, pointed directly at the ceiling to accelerate the drying time.
Determine the extent of the damage by using a stepladder to get right up to the area to look closely and feel the area.
Replace the drywall, if necessary. If your ceiling has visibly dropped or opened, you’re going to need to remove that portion and install new drywall to fit the area.
Paint your ceiling and/or walls. You may be able to paint over the roof leak damage without new drywall, or you will have to prime and paint the drywall installed.

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