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Green Remodeling 2

March 1, 2010 at 2:03 pm | Category: Remodeling Contractor

Indoor air quality is another facet. There are many sources that contribute to the air quality inside a home. They include pollutants brought in from the outside, toxic chemicals existing inside the home and the activities of the occupants that create pollutants. Major contributors are tobacco smoke, smoke from the burning of wood, coal, kerosene or other such substances, toxic fumes from sealants or chemicals from cleaning products, lead paint, asbestos from insulation, damp carpets or fabrics and certain pressed-wood furniture products that release chemicals into the air. Green remodeling seeks to remedy these problems with alternatives providing better ventilation systems and using wood, paint and sealants that is nontoxic.

Reduced material waste and resource conservation is yet another aspect to Green remodeling. When remodeling a home, there is often a large amount of construction waste. This amounts to 136 million tons of waste annually, according to the EPA, which in turn makes up 20% of the waste in landfills. Green remodeling focuses on reducing this waste during remodeling and reusing materials whenever possible, as 85 to 90% of materials thrown out can be recycled. Using local materials, building with engineered lumber and using recycling companies to remove waste are all ways this can be achieved during remodeling.(3)

Use of environmentally safe products is another facet of Green remodeling. Many products and practices used in the remodel of a home have negative effects on the environment. From chemicals and materials that pollute the air to the disturbing of the surrounding landscape, a myriad of actions taken can cause harm. With Green, care is given to minimizing or eliminating products that could cause harm to the environment or the occupants during remodeling and after.

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