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How to build a fence

September 7, 2010 at 7:43 pm | Category: Remodeling Contractor


Difficulty: Moderate

Instructions.Things You’ll Need:


Post digger


String line

Nail gun

Circular saw

Chop saw


1.1 Lay out your posts preferably 6 feet apart from each other before you begin to build your fence.

2.2 Stick up string line to keep your posts in line.

3.3 Dig holes 18 inches deep using a post hole digger.

4.4 Put the posts in the post holes.

5.5 Mix the cement for the post holes.

6.6 Fill all the post holes with cement to level with the ground.

7.7 Check each post to ensure that they are level and plum.

8.8 Let posts set for 24 hours before continuing to build your fence.

9.9 Cut your top and lower fence rail once the posts have set up. Then nail them 4 feet apart from each other.

10.10 Nail up your pickets maintaining a ¼-inch gap in between them.

11. Trim any excess wood off the top of the post.

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