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How to replace a dishwasher

August 12, 2010 at 12:59 pm | Category: Remodeling Contractor

1. Disconnect old dishwasher:
 Begin by turning off the power at the breaker box and then placing masking tape over the switch so no one will accidentally turn it on again.
 Remove the bottom access panel and locate the plumbing and electrical connections. Shut off the water supply.
 Disconnect the electrical lines then use a wire tester to make certain that they’re not live before cutting them.
 Slip a shallow pan under the water connections before disconnecting the lines. Loosen the connection on the water line with a basin wrench then disconnect the drain line. Release the clamp and give a little tug to pull the hose free. Watch for drips!
2. Remove old dishwasher:
 Once all of the major connections are separated, detach the dishwasher from the underside of the counter. With two people helping, firmly grab each side and gradually work the dishwasher out.
Before connecting the new dishwasher, Ron replaced the old copper tubing with new, flexible water lines.

3. Prepare new connections:
 Remove the access panel at the bottom of the new dishwasher.
 Before attaching the water supply line, the drain hose, and the electrical connections you must install a couple of fittings, beginning with the water supply lines. Use Teflon tape to help make the plumbing seal as tight as possible. The tape will act as a lubricant, helping the threads make better contact, which will prevent leaks. Without it you might get what plumbers call a false tight, where it feels tight but really it isn’t tight enough.
 Next, install what is called a strain relief, which is a clamp that prevents the wires from pulling out of the junction box. This will allow you to connect wires to the box safely. Use a pair of pliers to make sure the connection is snug.
4. Install new dishwasher:
 Installing the new dishwasher is basically the reverse of what you did earlier. You will reattach the drain hose, the electrical wires and the water line, starting with the drain line.
 With the dishwasher still out and away from the counter, it should be easy to reach the drain hose, slip a clamp on the end and connect it. Simply slip the hose over the end of the fitting, tighten the clamp and slide the dishwasher under the counter, making sure that you don’t ruffle the insulation that surrounds it.
 Level the dishwasher with the necessary adjustments to the front screw-in feet. Locate the two mounting tabs at the top of the dishwasher and use these to secure the unit to the bottom edge of the countertop with screws.
 Next, reconnect the water supply line making sure the nut is wrenched tight.
 To reconnect the electrical lines, feed the wires through the strain relief and tighten it. Next, strip the insulation from the ends of the wires leaving about one half inch exposed. Connect the electrical wires according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The last thing is to replace the cover on the electrical box and reinstall the access panel.
 Turn the power back on, restore the water supply, and the new dishwasher is ready to run.

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