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The Predatory Contractor

September 18, 2009 at 8:12 am | Category: Remodeling Contractor

The predatory contractor wants to get fired by the homeowner. The bad contractors get as much money as possible up front, and then will do whatever it takes to get kicked off the job. When he is taken to court, he’ll say he couldn’t complete the work because the homeowner wouldn’t let him, or worse he won’t even be in business.
Then there is the contractor that manufactures excuses for why he couldn’t — or wouldn’t — complete the work. Some are ridiculous. They will say that the homeowner used foul language or that they felt physically threatened by the homeowner or “the homeowner was mad at me”.
If you do get duped, good luck getting your money back — even if you had a contract, even if you file a civil suit, even if the district attorney files criminal charges, according to Middletown-based attorney, Harry J. Agzigian, homeowners have gotten $12,000 to $15,000 [civil] court judgments, and they get paid back about $20 a month.
Consider what happened to Debbie Mattis. She said she hired a contractor to make over and enlarge her kitchen in 2005. One ripped-out kitchen and $20,000 later, he disappeared, she said. After refinancing her mortgage to fix the mess and hire a lawyer, she sued the misleading contractor in civil court in 2008. He didn’t show up for the hearing. So a county judge made a judgment by default in Mattis’s favor for $56,000. She said she’s seen none of it. “He’s still living a normal life with my money,” Mattis said. “Apparently, this guy knew what he was doing … because everything he owns is in his wife’s name.” Stickers posted on the outside of his house on Tulip Lane indicated the home was recently acquired by a bank.
Contractor fraud is the top complaint at the county’s department of consumer protection. The deceiving contractors are getting smarter at working the system. Statistics say the problem is growing and growing by large numbers as the economy and housing market worsens.

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