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How to put up a wood fence

July 21, 2010 at 2:41 pm | Category: Remodeling Contractor

Step 1
Purchase lumber – for every 8 feet of fence, buy:
1-4×4 treated post (plus end post)
2-2x6x8 treated rails (2×4’s will sag after time)
18-1x6x6 cedar fence boards
wood screws 2 1/2″ or 3″(rails) and 1 1/2″(fence boards)
2 bags ready mix cement per hole

Step 2
Clear and level fence line. Put 12″ stakes at the ends of fence line attach a string and tie a short piece of string every 8′ to mark where posts will be placed. The centers of the posts will be at the knot. mark the ground with a 12″ circle around the knot.
Step 3
Dig the post holes with a Post Hole Digger. 12″ diameter by 2′ deep. A shovel makes too big a hole, using more cement to fill it.
Step 4
Place post in hole-center it on one side of your string and at the knot.
level it in and out on both sides. Use 2-1×2 braces and stakes on two sides to hold in place until cement is poured in and set. Attach with screws, nail/hammer will knock post out of center.
Step 5
After all posts are in holes, level, straight or on fence line: empty 2 bags of cement in a wheelbarrow, add small amounts of water while mixing to a consistency of a thick paste, but is still pour able. Note: a sturdy garden hoe works to mix cement. Pour into hole and tamp down lightly with a stick to level the top of the cement. The cement should be just below ground level. Let cure 1 day and remove braces. Note: clean cement from tools and wheelbarrow after using.
Step 6
Attach rails: lower rail approx. 12″ from the ground and top rail 4′ above the bottom one. These can be attach with the longer screws and should be level. The first rail will be attached in the center of the 4×4 so the ends overlap the next 4×4. 2 screws per end should be enough.
Note: clamps help hold 2×6 in place if working alone.
Step 7
Attach fence boards. On the first 4×4 attach a 1×2 on the outer end (if possible) and at the end of the run attach another. Tie your string to each at the height you want your fence boards. This will help keep the top level. Place the first board against the rails, level it side to side and up to your string. Screw the board to the rail, using 2 smaller screws approx. 1″ from each edge, at the top rail and bottom rail. Place the next board next to it making sure to align the top with the string and screw in place. Approx every 6 boards check your side to side level and adjust as needed. Continue until fence is done. Remove strings and any other objects you’ve added to help, level the ground under fence line and then stain or paint as you want.

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