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Putting up a glass wall

March 12, 2010 at 10:57 am | Category: Remodeling Contractor

Though bathroom and shower wall construction can vary from project to project we have provided below some of the key steps for most glass block shower projects in remodeling or new construction projects. Since these projects frequently involve multiple trades it may be best to consult with our Designers or Project Estimators for your specific application.
Step 1 –
Project Layout – During the rough framing stages we can come out to your site to lay out your new shower to ensure that the base preparation will work properly with the glass block wall.

Step 2 –
Base Preparation – Glass Blocks in a shower need to be set either on a wall or most frequently on a shower base. One frequently used base is called a “mud set pan base.” The best shower base to work on will be 4″ or wider and are finished off with many different materials (including tile, acrylic, and other solid surfaces like Corian and Granite). We can work on smaller bases, but probably the smallest one that will work with glass blocks will be 3″ wide. These bases can be built or provided by either a plumber, tile setter, and in some cases our company.

Step 3 –
Complete your shower base and surrounding walls – usually glass blocks are installed after the shower base and surrounding walls are completed. Our glass blocks walls are usually anchored into the surrounding walls.

Step 4 –
Install the glass block shower walls – Our glass block walls are either prefabricated and brought to the job site or installed block by block in the bathroom (this job approach is determined based on the shape, size, and configuration of the glass block walls by our Estimators). Glass block walls are usually finished with mortar grout (or in some cases with our specialized silicone caulk) at the site.

Step 5 –
Install your shower door (optional step) or go “door-less” – Shower doors are usually sized and installed after the glass blocks are up. If you have enough room you may want to consider eliminating the shower door to reduce costs and eliminate future clean up around the doors framing system (the walk in door-less shower option is one of the most popular trends in shower design that we are seeing!).

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