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Recycling your construciton project

November 16, 2009 at 5:58 pm | Category: Remodeling Contractor

Everyone seems to be very interested in remodeling their homes or commercial building to be a LEED certified building. Whether someone is making little changes, such as recycling cans, or making changes as big as renovating the whole building. I think this is great. Not only because it helps take away some of the toxins out of the air. But it also will eventually help stimulate the economy. The one thing that people don’t think of when trying to build “Green” you should also recycle the construction work that you are tearing down and throwing away. You can do more than just throw away the hazardous wastes that come from your home. The question is how to find a place that will recycle certain dangerous materials that other recycling places do not except? Well as I was doing some research on recycle, I stumbled upon this website that finds place to recycle whatever is needed in the same area you reside. is this wonderful website. Not only can you find a place to recycle in your neighborhood but it also has articles about recycling. If you believe in saving our planet, this is website you need to check out. It has some very interesting information about Going Green. Don’t forget

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