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How to Repair Fire Damage

June 21, 2010 at 2:58 pm | Category: Remodeling Contractor

Step 1
Assess the damages and decide when it is safe to re-enter your home. Walk around the exterior of the home and decide whether the structure is stable. Inside, watch out for loose wires or poles, and wear a mask, gloves, goggles and heavy boots in order to be protected from dangerous fumes or materials. You can also call a fire damage restoration professional to assess your home, which is the safest way to return inside.
Step 2
Shut the electricity off immediately, so that no electrical surges will occur. Without touching loose wires or poles, determine what looks damaged. Write down the damages and take pictures of damaged items so that the insurance company will be aware of everything you lost, and professionals will have a accurate information of what need fixed.
Step 3
Remove soot as quickly as possible, before you attempt to remove odors or clean surfaces. Soot, a dust that is left over from burning flames, is either light and dry or oily and sticky, but it is always acidic and it stains. Hold a vacuum cleaner nozzle near the surface of an item covered in soot, but not touching it. Attachments or upright vacuums will force soot farther into a surface, so keep the vacuum at a distance. A professional will have equipment more suitable for soot removal than an average household vacuum.
Step 4
Open all windows and doors so that fumes can escape. Removing smoke odors is nearly impossible without the help of a professional. Professionals will know what types of counteracting chemicals will break up the smoke molecules, depending on what type of materials were burned. An expensive ozone treatment might be used, which will break up the smoke molecules best. During this process, all furnishings and belongings will need to be covered.

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