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How to repair marble countertop

June 29, 2010 at 2:07 pm | Category: Remodeling Contractor

Step 1
Restore the sheen of the marble counter tops by waxing it. It can help prevent the marble counter top from staining.
Step 2
Coat the surface with gloss polyurethane varnish as this will help to repair the marble counter top’s finish. An epoxy based paint could also work well.
Step 3
Purchase a gallon of paint meant to provide a new surface for porcelain. This would also work with marble. This paint would provide a coating that will last a long time.
Step 4
Find a kit that helps to repair cracks in marble. These are available at your local building supply store or online. This kit can be used for smaller repairs or defects.
Step 5
Correct blemishes such as stains or even scratches by “grade polishing powder” also known as tin dioxide. This you can find at a monument or building supply store.
Step 6
Apply the powder with a piece of felt and you will be able to repair the marble counter top.
Step 7
Repair a piece that has broken away from the counter top by wiping it down with acetone, then glue it back in place with epoxy or marble repair cement. Be careful to clean the surfaces thoroughly before applying the glue, and do not apply too much glue that could end up marring the marble’s surface.

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