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Replacing a sink

December 7, 2010 at 1:58 pm | Category: Bathroom Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling, Remodeling Contractor

Step 1: Make the Marks for the Sink Placement
Hold the bridge faucet in place on the wall to determine the placement of the sink (Image 1). Use a marker to trace the sink’s drain hole onto the countertop. Place a dot in the center of this circle (Image 2). Set the glass sink aside in a safe place, well away from the ongoing work.
Step 2: Drill the Hole
Use a nailset to chip a small amount of material from the granite countertop. This will keep the drill bit from sliding and scratching the granite.
Attach a diamond-tipped hole saw bit to a heavy-duty, corded drill. Cut a piece of sponge approximately the size of the hole saw bit and place it inside the hole saw.
Dip the hole saw in water, then carefully drill a hole at the position marked. Dip the hole saw and sponge in water periodically. This will keep the saw cool and will help lubricate the cut. Remember to keep the saw straight up and down so the hole doesn’t tilt off to one side.
Amy recommends installing the faucet next, to avoid having to work around the vessel sink.
Safety Alert: Always wear safety glasses and use extreme caution when working with a hole saw. If muscle fatigue makes it hard to control the saw, be sure to take a break and recover.
Step 3: Install the Faucet
Remove the escutcheons and the threaded pivots from the faucet bridge. Apply a coat of Teflon paste to the threads and screw the pivots into the supply line rough-ins. Tighten the pivots with an adjustable wrench.
Place the escutcheons over the threaded pivots, then set the faucet in place. Use an adjustable wrench to tighten the fittings; cover the wrench jaws with painter’s tape to avoid scratching the faucet.
The correct drain hardware wasn’t on hand for project day, so the homeowner had a professional plumber finish the sink installation later. If installing a glass vessel sink without a pro’s help, make sure to use the correct drain hardware recommended by the sink’s manufacturer and follow all instructions. Also, be extremely careful not to over tighten any of the hardware around the breakable sink bowl.

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