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Tips for taking your christmas tree down

December 28, 2009 at 5:02 pm | Category: Remodeling Contractor

It all depends on what type of Christmas tree you have. I have yet to master the art of putting a large fold-up Christmas tree back in it’s original box. So I manage.
•Many people love the Charlie Brown sparce style trees that don’t come apart. If that’s what you have, grab a few large plastic bags from the dry cleaners and put them over the trees.
•If I can fit the tree back into the original box I do, but that’s not always possible. So with the larger 7.5’+ trees, I wrap the individual portions of the tree in old sheets and tie the outside with heavy duty cord or rope.
•The vintage aluminum trees are taken apart and put back into their original boxes, always a laborious project getting the branches into their individual sleeves.
•Newer Feather trees are stored in original boxes and the antique feather tree is covered loosely with a lightweight sheet to protect it from dust.
•Most trees are not as sensitive to temperature extremes and can be stored in the attic. The feather trees are stored in a bedroom closet with a steady year-round temperature.
To cover the larger 7.5 + trees, take a few old sheets to cover them up.

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