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Ways to eliminate waste

April 30, 2010 at 6:09 pm | Category: Remodeling Contractor

•When making small purchase, don’t take a bag
•Use a reusable cloth or string bag when shopping, not plastic or paper
•Use sponges instead of paper towels, and cloth napkins instead of paper
•Look for containers that can be reused or at least recycled (glass and aluminum). Reusable containers are an even better way of recycling.
•Don’t buy single use, throw-away products (such as razors, plastic utensils, paper plates, etc.) – look for ones that can be used repetitively.
•Buy fruits and vegetables, grains, pastas and any loose items without packaging (especially avoid Styrofoam and plastic packaging)
•Don’t buy plastic
•If it is possible to find dairies that refill milk containers in a refillable and reusable bottle. Like-wise honey and peanut butter can be purchased in refillable bulk containers. Try eco-minded health food stores.
•Avoid the “aseptic drink box” made of layers of paper, plastic and aluminum – it cannot be recycled. Instead use drink containers that are reusable or at least recycled. Anyone have any alternatives to buying soy-milk that is not in these sorts of containers??

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