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Other ways to keep your home warm and cozy

December 8, 2009 at 3:33 pm | Category: Remodeling Contractor

Whether your house is a newer house or an older house, there are always ways to keep your house warm and the draft out. Fallow the tips and suggestions below and you will see your electric and gas bill reduce even during this very cold winter.

During the cold months your pipes can freeze up. That’s when you go to your nearest lows, home depot, or Ace and buy heat tape and fiberglass insulations. First you wrap the pipes with the heat tape. It has a plug on the end, so that you can literal heat up the pipe. Then you wrap the pipe with the fiberglass insulation. Add some electrical tape to hold everything in place. When tempters get to freezing you will have to plug in the heat tape to prevent your pipes from freezing and ending up with even bigger problems.

Another way to keep the hot air flowing through your house is to put your ceiling fan on a reverse at a low setting. The fan will help bring heat down to your level. If you have a cathedral or high slopped ceilings, then this will help out a lot.

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