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weather striping

November 2, 2009 at 10:30 am | Category: Remodeling Contractor

Weather stripping around doors and windows can be a low-cost way to stop drafts and to cut down on heating and cooling loss. We’ll help you seal down the right choices
Step 1
Understand different kinds of stripping: compression strips; tubular gaskets; adhesive-backed V strips that can be cut with scissors or a utility knife; magnetic weather stripping for metal- or steel-clad doors.
Step 2
Measure the length of all seams to be weather-stripped, add a couple of inches for each seam and add the numbers together.
Step 3
Cut the weather stripping to fit each seam, plus extra. Apply the stripping all the way around a window by using nails, screws or adhesive. Attach the stripping to the jamb or the stop (depending on the kind of stripping you get).
Step 4
Apply the stripping to the sides and the tops of doors. Use a weather-tight threshold or door sweep to seal the bottom. (A door sweep is a metal or wood bracket with a plastic or vinyl flap that hangs to the floor to stop airflow.)

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