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At Christies Design Build Remodeling, we can make those smart improvements to your home that will add more value to it. Our Henderson remodeling contractors will make your single most biggest investment worth the cost as we do renovations perfectly. We add on those luxuries that are so important for homeowners to have these days. We try and make your life simpler as we add modern conveniences to the bathroom and kitchen areas.

Renovations are something that people save up for or wait until the kids are all grown up and out of the house. We'll be waiting for you whenever you call because we know that you know value and a good remodeling contractor when you see one.

Come to us and get the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams among other areas of the home. You will be making the right decision as to a future of having no home repairs. Our renovations pay you back over time as they add that little something extra.

We have experts in the field who will take your project serious. Communication is streamlined throughout because that's what's important. We want our customers to know that we care about them and the condition of their homes.

Henderson Kitchen Remodeling

A new kitchen, one that has been renovated, is not all about new furniture and fixtures. It is more about the updates that is has gotten to it physically such as to the counter tops and cabinetry. At Christies Design Build Remodeling, we have Henderson remodeling contractors that can make those updates last as well as accommodate your lifestyle through these styles:

  • Modern
  • Contemporary
  • Country

There's a lot of hats that your kitchen will wear during its lifetime. We can give it that look for a cleaner appearance. When combined with modern appliances, your home will be worth the investment. Call today for an estimate on yours.

Henderson Bathroom Remodeling

Did you know that the bathroom in most homes is one of the most highly used rooms? You use the bathroom for a number of things. But over the years, those things take a toll and start to make your bathroom look less than healthy.

Exhaust fans are necessary for bathrooms because they filter out the moisture that comes from hot water. This helps to increase the visibility in the room. Another problems that most people have with their bathrooms is with space.

At Christies Design Build Remodeling, we can provide you with enough space to pack away bathroom items so you can have friends and guests over without having to be embarrassed. Call for our Henderson bathroom remodeling contractors today.

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