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3 Basement Finishing Ideas for Your Home

Basement finishing

If your basement has been sitting empty since you've purchased your home, it may be time to think about converting it into a functional living space for your family. Basement finishing may not be on the top of your to-do list, but hiring a Denver remodeling contractor to transform your basement into a media, laundry, or craft room will maximize the space of your home and provide a new place for your family to spend time together.

Media Room or Theater

Construct the perfect place for watching movies, playing video games, and listening to music in your basement using strategic storage and seating. Try to minimize the visibility of wires connecting your sound system, and make sure to plan the seating arrangement before buying furniture so that everyone has an adequate view of the television. Improve the acoustics of your basement by having your remodeling contractor install thick carpet and fabric window treatments.

Customized Laundry Room

If laundry is your favorite chore, expanding your laundry area may be the best way to finish your basement. If you have a large family, consider installing two washers and dryers to maximize your space and time. Add shelving and storage to organize items, such as clothes that are out of season, holiday decorations, and cleaning supplies. To brighten your laundry space, consider using vibrant colors or patterned wallpaper. If you enjoy multitasking while performing chores, place a television in a convenient place to pass the time. If you want to make your basement multifunctional, consider incorporating an office space to your laundry station. Add a desk and chair to pay bills or write, and include a comfy sofa or chair next to a bookshelf to catch up on your favorite book series.

Art Studio or Craft Room

If you or your family members are artistically inclined, converting your basement into an art studio or craft room is an excellent choice, and the basement can be customized to suit your artistic pursuits. Maximize your space by hiring a remodeling contractor to install storage shelves or cabinets on bare walls. A large metal, stone, or wood work table with comfortable chairs function well in the center of the basement. Lighting is also important because of the potential for eye strain while performing detailed work. Whether your hobby involves painting, ceramics, sewing, jewelry, or scrapbooking, a customized craft room in your basement provides the ideal space to work peacefully and productively.

Your basement finishing may require extensive remodeling or just slight modifications. Regardless, an experienced Denver remodeling contractor like Christie's Design Build Remodeling can bring the plans for your basement to fruition.

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