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4 Hot Bathroom Remodeling Trends For 2017

4 hot bathroom remodeling trends

When you make the decision to remodel your home's bathroom, you are making a major investment in the value of your home, and also in the level of function and convenience that it provides to you and your family. Because of the amount of time and money you are going to be putting into your upcoming bathroom remodeling project, you want to be sure that you do your homework before any kind of work actually begins. You are going to want to have a firm budget in mind and you want to be sure that you have a professional remodeling contractor working with you to ensure that every aspect of your job is done right. Once you have these two steps complete, it is time to start looking at designs. If you aren't quite sure what you are looking for in terms of new bathroom designs just yet, never fear. Our team of Denver remodeling professionals here at Christie's Design Build Remodeling have taken the time to put together this short list detailing some of the more popular bathroom remodeling trends of 2017 to help you find that inspiration you need to take your old bathroom and transform it into something that you and your family will be able to love for many years to come.


In recent years, timber has been making a serious appearance in newly remodeling bathrooms all over the country. Since the release of new, purpose-designed timber products, the natural warmth of wood is becoming more and more widely used in a number of projects that, up until recently, it wasn't really suited for. There are a number of ways that you can incorporate natural wood into your new bathroom design, whether you are looking to use it as an accent wall, or as part of your sink. There are even purpose-designed wooden floorboards that are built specifically to be used on bathroom floors.

Calm & Cool Colors

With life becoming so fast-paced and hectic for so many of us, bathrooms are starting to transform from a sparse, spartan space to a space that we can relax and feel comfortable in at the end of the day, and one of the major ways that homeowners are achieving this is by utilizing calm and cool colors in their newly remodeled bathrooms. Blues and emerald greens are two particularly popular colors right now, and they are often paired with crisp whites and elements of natural wood to give the bathroom a fresh and uplifting feel. On the other hand, if you are looking for something more modern and edgy, you can go for more metallic accents and stark colors, like black and crisp white.

Creative Tile Patterns

While in the past, floor tiles were usually put down in rigid patterns and geometric lines, this year has started to bring some changes with it. More and more often, we are being asked to create interesting and unusual patterns out of basic tiles, which tends to give the bathroom an enduring and personalized appeal. Some of the more popular options in this style are herringbone design, basketweave, and windmill patterns.

Natural Vibes

While wood is definitely one of the more popular natural materials being utilized in bathroom remodels this year, it is far from the only one. A number of other earthy materials like natural stone and river rocks have been making a serious return this year, and their popularity doesn't rest just on your walls or your floor. Natural materials are frequently being put to use as vanity tops, sinks, baths, feature walls, and sometimes even bathroom furniture. These natural materials tend to give your bathroom space an added layer of visual and tactile texture that you can't get with most other materials, and are helping to transform the bathroom space into a private sanctuary.

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