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Beautify Your Bathroom on a Budget with These Inexpensive Remodeling Tips

Inexpensive bathroom remodeling ideas

Maybe you've been knocking around the idea of remodeling your bathroom. for some time now, but do you have the money for it? You may not think so. However, that may not be the case. After all, a bathroom remodeling doesn't have to involve large, costly changes to your Denver bathroom — not when you follow these low-cost suggestions:

Don't Put Tile Everywhere

Tile is a great installation for any bathroom since it's beautiful, durable, and waterproof. So, naturally, you may be tempted to slap it on everywhere you can during your remodeling — but resist that urge. Aside from your flooring, tile is largely unnecessary, and you can find far more affordable wall and countertop options that will get your bathroom looking great.

Use Paint to Make the Room Look New

Maybe you don't have anything specific in mind when it comes to your bathroom. Maybe the overall look just needs a little oomph. You might start knocking around all sorts of great ideas you've found on the Internet — great and EXPENSIVE ideas. While those might certainly get your bathroom looking fresh and stunning, a far more cost-effective option will be to simply slap a fresh coat of paint on it.

Focus on the Details in Your Fixtures

Your fixtures are among the most important pieces within your bathroom — not to mention the most expensive. You could easily blow your entire remodeling budget on fixtures alone, so you need to be smart when it comes to them. What is the smart thing to do? Simple: Focus on the details. You can easily replace little pieces here or there to get your bathroom fixtures looking new while spending little money at all.

Reline, Don't Replace, Your Shower and Tub

Let's focus on your bathroom fixtures a little more here. Specifically, let's focus on your shower and tub: They're large, they're important . . . they're expensive. You might gulp at the idea of paying to replace them during your remodeling. Fortunately, you don't have to endure that expense just to get these installations looking great again. Instead, you can opt for a relatively low-cost shower and tub relining

Leave Your Bathroom Remodeling up to Our Denver Remodeling Company

Now that you see how costly a bathroom remodeling can be, are you ready to take the plunge and get your throne room looking regal? If you are, go ahead and call Christies Complete Services today. Our Denver remodeling contractors will get your bathroom looking beautiful and new in no time — without breaking your bank!

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