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Lighting Options for Your Sunroom Remodeling

Sunroom lighting options

If homeowners want to add sunrooms to their Berthoud homes or plan to renovate their current sunrooms, one of the considerations they should think about is how they'll illuminate these spaces.

Depending on your sunroom's purpose, you may require certain types of lighting, and your remodeling contractor will be able to determine which light fixtures you'll need for adequate illumination.

Which Light Fixtures Should You Choose for Your Sunroom?

  • Table Lamps — Your sunroom probably won't look complete without a few table lamps adorning the side tables in the room. Table lamps offer illumination near seating areas, and they provide a minimal amount of light when you don't want to turn on large overhead light fixtures. When selecting table lamps, take the opportunity to customize their shades and bases according to the interior design of the sunroom.
  • Decorative Lighting — Consider having your remodeling contractor install decorative lighting such as chandeliers or wall sconces if you want to add small features that make a big impact. Your remodeler can connect these fixtures to dimmer switches so that you can adjust the intensity of the illumination that they give off. Decorative lighting is especially appropriate for sunrooms that function as entertaining and dining spaces.
  • Ambient Lighting — The foundation for the lighting in any room is ambient lighting, which often is a combination of light fixtures such as table lamps and ceiling mounts that can be turned on and off with light switches.
  • Task Lighting — If your sunroom has spaces designated for specific activities, then task lighting may be helpful. Task lighting allows you to illuminate a certain area that requires intense lighting for activities such as writing, reading, drawing, or sewing.
  • Ceiling Fan — Ceiling fans are often considered necessary features in sunrooms. They not only increase ventilation but also provide overhead lighting, and if your sunroom doesn't have much headroom, your remodeling contractor can install a ceiling fan that lays flush to the ceiling.

Make sure that you can spend time in your Berthoud home's sunroom even after the sun sets by installing customized lighting. If you have questions about sunroom lighting options, consult with a qualified remodeling contractor like Christie's Design Build Remodeling.

If you need help finding the right lighting options for your sunroom remodeling project, give us a call today at 303-833-4715 or complete our online request form.