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Things To Know About Bathroom Remodeling

Things to know about bathroom remodeling

Question: What does the average bathroom remodeling project cost?

Answer: The average Denver bathroom remodeling project cost is best determined by professional contractors because there are just too many variable scenarios involved to accurately quote a range. Your bathroom and what it needs is too specific and detailed to make any type of accurate range guess for you. Contact us today for a great upfront quote for all your bathroom remodeling plans.

Question: Will my plumbing have to be replaced as well as the bathtub or shower?

Answer: When installing a bathtub or shower, your Denver remodeling contractor will be able to take a close look at your plumbing that is installed mostly behind the walls. If your plumbing needs replacement before your fixtures are installed, your contractor will advise you. It's a good idea for you to ask about it if your contractor neglects to evaluate your plumbing, but you can pretty much guarantee that this is part of their evaluation process for your quote.

Question: What's the most important part of the remodeling that I need to worry about?

Answer: When planning your Denver bathroom remodeling project, you really need to consider the layout of your existing plumbing and realize when the plumbing layout has to be changed because your new plan locates the fixtures in different areas, your costs will be higher. As long as you know this is what you'll be dealing with and it's what you want for your new bathroom space, then no holds barred -let's create something awesome and completely new! How about a nice garden tub and two person shower?

Question: What's the least expensive way to get a nice bathroom remodeling done?

Answer: This answer comes with several points. First, make sure you're working with contractors who know what they're doing. If not, your project could get way out of hand if you're having to fix their mistakes or getting things done that just aren't necessary for your end results. Two, do projects that cost the least but make a major impact like painting walls and ceiling, changing out the countertop, reusing cabinetry, update tub or shower surrounds but not the tub if it's in good condition (you can always replace it later). And three, realize you can do a few things now and make changes as your financing comes along later. For instance, paint the walls, change out the tiles around the tub and shower, get a new countertop, and next year you'll change lighting, hardware, and a few other little things, the next you get a great new heated slate floor!

Question: Should I install the more energy efficient products when they cost more? Will I really be seeing a difference?

Answer: In today's world, manufacturers are concentrating on meeting the demands from consumers on energy efficiency as well as producing new technology that's highly functional. For instance, smart homes now let you control your home's air, irrigation or sprinkler system, lighting, and more with Wi-Fi. We say this to let you see that you'll not only get better energy efficiency with the newer products, you'll also have more options that make your home life much easier. All the way around, these products will make a huge difference.

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