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How to Thrive in Place: The New Take on Aging at Home

Aging in Place

Aging in place is not necessarily new; over the past few years it has certainly seen a major upswing in popularity. However, there are some who feel there is a negative connotation with that term. This is what leads us to the new surge in popularity of the term "Thriving in Place."

Some of this is also based on the fact that not all cases of limited mobility are related to aging. Disease, illness, recovery from surgery or a temporary injury are other examples of circumstances in which you may have to make changes to your home. No matter what the reason, or the age, a person should feel as though they are thriving, not just aging or surviving.

Tips for Making This Possible

When it comes to the aging scenario, one issue has been that people ignore the fact that they need these modifications and end up starting too late. The smart approach to take, when possible, is to be realistic and use foresight.

Sure, no one wants to own up to getting older and not having the same capabilities. However, setting your home to accommodate limited mobility and make things safer, as well as more user-friendly, will help to avoid the alternative — assisted living. Even better, it will truly be the setup for a place to thrive in, as opposed to just get by.

Start early because it allows time to do research and get quotes. Once you are in desperate need, you have less time to shop around. What you end up attracting are greedy contractors who sense your desperation, and prey on that like sharks.

Thriving in home can help you save money. The costs associated with assisted living facilities can quickly drain your bank account. With the right planning and early transition, this should even allow for the extra costs of having a home health care provider, at least part time.

Research indicates that seniors, or anyone dealing with an illness or injury, tend to do better in their own home environment. It makes them feel more comfortable in their own surroundings, which improves both mental and physical health.

Some common reasons that people 55 and older prefer to stay in their own home are independence, convenient location, a sense of feeling safe and proximity to family. Having to relocate to a facility can take all of this away.

Find Reputable & Caring Pros

The Christie's Design Build Remodeling team offers this service, because we genuinely care about making lives better for locals with mobility issues. For approximately two decades now, we have been addressing a wide variety of building and remodeling services, including aging in place. The key is to start now, so that your home will be suited to accommodate you, before the need develops.

If you are looking for a professional aging-in-place remodeling contractor to help you thrive in your current home, give us a call today at 303-833-4715 or complete our online request form.