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Winterizing Tips for Your Outdoor Kitchen

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Some Denver residents are actually surprised by the idea that it is possible to even have an outdoor kitchen, in our type of climate. It most certainly is possible, it just requires some winterizing, before the terribly frigid air moves in. The same way that you open and close your pool for the summer, you can do somewhat the same with your outdoor kitchen.

Taking Precautionary Steps

Even homeowners who avoid traditional DIY projects will be relived to hear that the steps needed for winterizing, really are not that difficult. As with your sprinkler system or other outdoor components that use water, this is the time to shut off the supply for your outdoor kitchen. Also, drain water lines to avoid freezing and cracking, and leave drain valves open.

In fact, it is a good idea to remove faucets from the sink for indoor storage, until the time comes to open this outdoor culinary space again. This is also an opportune time to disconnect the power supply, as well. You can either unplug everything, shut off the circuit controlling it, or both.

This prevents damage from occurring that you would not know about until attempting to use your appliances again, come spring. Contrary to common misconception, it is not a good idea to cover any components that may still retain moisture. Once trapped, this dampness will end up causing mildew and mold, as well as damage electrical parts. Stone countertops should be sealed. This helps prevent staining from leaves, as well as cracks or chips that are often the result of the expansion and contraction of freezing water. Make sure you have time to apply sealant and allow for time to dry, before moist or freezing weather beings.

Give it a thorough cleaning, including removing any bits of food or crumbs which could cause your outdoor kitchen to become a hot spot for rodents. Even make it a point to rid your freezer of ice cubes and simply start anew once the warmer weather returns.

Want to Learn More

If you are looking for more advice like this, or just want to get your very own outdoor kitchen, Christie's Design Build Remodeling can help with that. Adding this type of space to the exterior of your home allows you to finally enjoy the property, beyond your interior walls. Let us help you get a better understanding of the options that you have and the benefits that you can expect.

If you are looking for assistance in designing the perfect outdoor kitchen for your home, give us a call today at 303-833-4715 or complete our online request form.